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Since Jennifer started at Moxie in September 2022, she has lost 49.2 pounds and 35.5 inches all over. Her body fat is down 14% and her lean body mass (muscle) is holding steady (Her goal is to lose body fat and gain muscle - often referred to as body recomposition. However, it is difficult to achieve both simultaneously since eating in a surplus is optimal for muscle hypertrophy, and a calorie deficit is required to lose body fat. So, we are focusing on losing fat first until she is closer to her goal weight. I have her on a training program conducive to strength endurance and muscle hypertrophy to help reduce the risk of her losing muscle during her "fat loss" phase. Once her fat loss goal is reached, we will change her eating plan to include sufficient calories to fuel optimal performance in the gym.)

Jennifer is training with me at Moxie 2x/week and doing her Peloton 2-3x/week. She is also following her Moxie Custom Nutrition Template and recently participated in the Moxie Fall Into Fitness Challenge.

Here's what Jennifer had to say about her journey so far:

"For me, in starting this journey, it was all about setting myself up for success – outlining attainable goals (no matter how small!) that I knew I could achieve. With that, consistency has been key! Not only with my one-on-one workouts with Tracey, but with everything I try to do outside of our shared gym space – from my daily nutrition choices, my sleep routine, my additional workouts, and any other rituals to keep myself on track.

Committing to the food plan is more than half the battle and I don’t leave it up to chance! I’m planning and prepping on a weekly basis to ensure I have nutritious and delicious meals ready and waiting for me.

Life will always throw curve balls and I’ve learned it’s okay to not be perfect in this journey. What matters most is waking up each day with a refocused effort to stick to the plan and simply try your best."

WOW! Jennifer is truly an inspiration for us all!

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