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With our Semi-Private Training, you get many of the benefits of personal training, but in a small group setting. Here you will find community, camaraderie, competition, and fun!  Spots are limited to 6 people, so reservations are required no less than 12 hours in advance.


A Semi-Private Training Session is 50 minutes and typically consists of:


Because we believe that our mindset / mental health (i.e. thoughts, feelings, perceptions, expectations, stories) and our physical health (i.e., how our body feels, functions, and performs), are deeply intertwined and strongly connected, we also weave in a self-awareness component to help clients "check in" and notice their physical, emotional, and mental state before we begin the structured warmup / movement session.


In our Semi-Private Training Sessions, the emphasis is on metabolic conditioning.. The workouts are made up of functional movements performed at a high intensity. These movements are actions that you perform in everyday life - squatting, pushing, pulling, jumping, throwing... as well as running, rowing, and / or biking, etc. We follow a metabolic conditioning format that involves stressing both aerobic and anaerobic energy pathways, including interval training, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata, etc.


The cooldown is necessary return the system to baseline levels. It's also important to "cool down" mentally and to celebrate what went well - a.k.a. "bright spots" (accomplishments and victories - no matter how small!).


(See "Important Note" below)**

This training format involves brief periods of higher exertion / near-maximal effort coupled with lower-intensity periods. These relatively short, high-intensity workouts place a considerable challenge on the metabolic energy systems by pushing the client to near-maximal effort during each interval, making them perfect for those who have been training consistently for some time, have developed a solid "foundation" and are looking to take their fitness to the next level and / or those who are looking for a compliment to your current strength training program as HIIT can aid in weight loss and reduction of cholesterol levels and blood pressure in a similar manner to steady-state aerobic exercise.


We utilize a programming scheme known as undulating periodization that uses changes in volume, intensity, and exercise selection to provide loading differences on a daily basis. Multiple training protocols are used all in the same week. For example, we may assign a muscular endurance-focused workout one day, a power-focused workout the next day, and a hypertrophy-focused workout the next day, etc. This form of training is mentally beneficial because the workouts do not become stale or boring. Because of these daily changes, the stress on the body is constantly varied, which limits the client's ability to plateau in their performance. 


  • Accountability  - Being part of an exercise group brings accountability for regular attendance, both from members of the group and the coach.

  • Competition - The group environment can bring about friendly competition among participants or within individuals to reach their personal best.

  • Camaraderie - Individuals can form connections with people who are attempting to achieve similar results while experiencing feelings of friendship, closeness, and loyalty.

  • Consistency - Having a schedule that allows participants to anticipate the experience will help form habits.

  • Energy - The Semi-Private Training Sessions are designed to be high-energy, making them an attractive environment to which people are drawn.

  • Intensity - Participants are encouraged to try the best they can, and they may work harder in the presence of the group.

  • Mindless - Since the workout is planned, participants just need to reserve a spot, show up on time, and follow instructions without thinking about designing their own workouts.

  • Motivation - Exercising with a group can by itself be a form of motivation to regularly participate.

  • Sociability - Our small groups are warm and inviting, bringing people together; when people feel welcome, they are likely to return.

  • Cost-Effective - Lower costs compared to one-on-one training but more personal attention than traditional exercise classes. 


While the group size is small enough that the coach is able to provide individual attention to each client, some degree of generalization is necessary. The coach simply cannot provide the same individualized training as you would expect with 1-on-1 Personal Training. Make no mistake, these potent workouts will push you to the edge of your comfort zone. Therefore, our Semi-Private Training may not be suitable for those who are new (or just getting back) to high-intensity training, returning from illness / injury, pregnant / postpartum, or seniors. It's crucial to "build a foundation" and prepare the body for the demands of higher levels of training that may follow. For that reason (and a few others), our membership is application-based. It is up to the coaches' discretion whether or not a client  is "qualified" to participate in our Semi-Private Training Sessions. The aforementioned clients are strongly encouraged to begin with 1-on-1 Personal Training before attempting the Semi-Private Sessions. 

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