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We have several Moxie Challenges every year to help our members build consistent fitness and nutrition habits, stay motivated, and connect with the Moxie community! The goal of ALL our challenges is to help our members find CONSISTENCY whether in fitness, nutrition or both!


Our Challenges are not like those over-the-top “xx-day fitness / nutrition challenges” or super-strict elimination diets. The biggest potential problem – one that’s true of pretty much all “xx-day challenges” – is that they tend to be extreme lifestyle changes for a relatively short duration in the grand scheme of things. Although you will likely see some results with these xx-day challenges (if you are able to stick with them for the duration… and that’s a big if), the question is: what happens at the end of the xx days? Unless you have a sustainable framework for longer-term habit change, there is a good chance you will revert to old habits (and put back on any weight you lost).


Simply put, whether your goal is to build a rock-solid physique or a million-dollar company, it’s going to take more than 30, 60, or 90 days. Given the demands of most of these xx-day challenges the overall program is too demanding for many people juggling a job, family, and other aspects of life which leaves them feeling like they must choose between their health plan and spending time with family and friends. That’s not fun or sustainable.


Whenever you set out to improve your skills, change your behavior, or better your life, beginning in small, manageable steps gives you a greater chance of long-term success. Remember, you do not have to make big changes all at once. A tiny change adhered to consistently will be just as effective, if not more so, than a large one only practiced half-heartedly.


Doing too much too fast not only overwhelms you, but it can also doom the effort to failure – thereby reinforcing the belief that it’s difficult, if not impossible to succeed. When you start with small, achievable steps you can easily master, it reinforces your belief that you can easily improve.


All of the Moxie Challenges focus on what we like to call “High-Impact Fundamentals”. These are everyday skills that, if learned and practiced consistently, will make a significant difference to nearly all clients’ results.

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