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Tracey is a strength and endurance athlete, author, motivator, foodie, nutritionist, and performance dietary specialist based out of Pennington, NJ. With multiple certifications and almost 20 years of experience in the fitness industry in a variety of outlets, she has the ability to relate to and assist a wide variety of individuals seeking self-improvement through exercise, fitness, and nutrition. Tracey has dedicated her career and her life to improving people’s lives by giving them the tools to live a more health- and fitness-focused lifestyle. She achieves this through progressive and systematic training methods in addition to the application of strategic and goal-focused nutrition.


We are health and fitness professionals who perform individualized assessments and designs safe, effective, and individualized exercise and conditioning programs that are scientifically valid and based on clinical evidence for clients who have no medical or special needs. We provide guidance to help clients achieve their personal health, fitness, and performance goals via the implementation of exercise programs, nutritional recommendations, and suggestions for lifestyle modification. Our Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) hold a current emergency cardiac care certification and are able to respond appropriately during emergency situations. As CPTs, we do not diagnose and/or treat areas of pain or disease and refers clients to other health professionals/practitioners when appropriate. We abide by NASM's Code of Professional Conduct at all times.


If you want to achieve your goals, then you need a workable plan of action that integrates all components required to ensure your success. At Moxie, we utilize hybrid training systems, designed so that different training disciplines could be integrated into one training model. These training disciplines include flexibility training, cardiorespiratory training, core training, balance training, plyometric (reactive) training, and resistance training. This training model is built on a foundation of principles that allows any client to achieve optimal levels of physiologic, physical, and performance adaptations. When you add on a Moxie Custom Meal Plan Template, we have your nutrition covered as well!


Many people try - and fail - repeatedly because they don't have the accountability or support system required to make the lifestyle changes necessary to not only achieve their goals but to maintain them for life. Once you sign up for a membership, you will gain exclusive access to the Moxie Online Workout Studio where you will find a post of the Workout of the Day. Every post will include a full-length video of Tracey doing the Workout of the Day. So, you can do your workout whenever, wherever and it will be just like she’s doing the workout right along with you. The video will also include...

  • A warm-up and skill instruction

  • A detailed description (video) of movement technique

  • A detailed explanation (video) of the Workout of the Day

  • Coaching tips

  • Suggestions for movement substitutions and/or modifications


These workouts are designed to be done at home or in the gym and minimal space and equipment are required. That way you can perform them whenever, wherever. That way you aren't locked into working out according to someone else's schedule. This is great for busy moms and students, anyone who has an unpredictable schedule, or anyone who is stuck at home for any reason. 



For only $19.99/month you'll get...​​

  • Daily Coaching right to your inbox, including...

    • A link to the Private Moxie Online Workout Studio, where you will find...

      • A post of the Workout of the Day (Monday-Friday) 

      • A full-length video of Tracey doing the Workout of the Day. So, you can do the workout whenever, wherever and it will be just like she’s doing the workout right along with you, PLUS...

      • A detailed description (video) of movement technique

      • A detailed explanation (video) of the Workout of the Day

      • Coaching tips

      • Suggestions for movement substitutions and/or modifications

  • Exclusive access to our Private Moxie Members Facebook Group, where you will find...

    • Community, camaraderie, accountability, and support

    • Insider tips and insight hand-written by Tracey Mahaney herself

    • Daily inspiration and reminders

    • Strategies for mind renewal and behavior change

    • Nutritional guidance, Dos and Don’ts, tips on dining out, meal prep, “cheating”, relapse prevention… and MORE!

    • Realistic and simple habits to build the essential skills that everyone needs to sustain good health, a lean and strong body, and athletic performance for life.

    • Monthly Fitness Challenges 

    • ...and MORE!


You will find community, camaraderie, support, accountability, AND Monthy Fitness Challenges in our Private Moxie Members Facebook Group. In the Moxie virtual community, there is a sense of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. We know that everything we want is just outside our comfort zones. We've all heard the saying, "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." We know that if we want something different we have to do something different. We believe that to achieve a big goal we have to become a bigger person. We develop new skills, new attitudes, and new capabilities. We stretch ourselves, and in so doing we will be stretched forever. That takes moxie. We are inspired by the success of others. We have found that the one thing that seems to separate winners from losers more than anything else is that winners take action. They simply get up and do what has to be done. Winners have moxie. We. Are. Winners.



Our primary responsibility as health and fitness professionals is to provide safe and effective exercise guidance and instruction to help my clients successfully attain their personal health and wellness goals. To achieve these goals we require a comprehensive understanding of each and every client's personal and professional backgrounds, as well as their physical capabilities, health status, goals, and desires. Comprehensive fitness assessments provide a method of systematically gathering subjective and objective information about clients that is used to help ensure that safe and effective exercise programs can be planned and followed. Before we design your 1-on-1 Personal Fitness Training program, we will conduct an Integrated Comprehensive Fitness Assessment including various movement observations to determine what you need, where you're starting, and how we can help you best, today and over time. All In-Home 1-on-1 Personal Fitness Training Programs will include a Comprehensive Fitness Assessment, which is comprised of:

  • General and medical history                                

  • Occupation, lifestyle, medical and personal information

  • Static and dynamic postural assessments 

  • Monthly circumference measurements

  • Progress Photos 



We'll start with you – your life, needs, and goals. Then we’ll develop a personalized plan to help you eat, move, and live better – in a way that fits into your real, everyday life. Everything we teach you will be in direct support of a daily practice or habit that you are working on. But our coaching goes beyond education alone… We’ve found the coach/client relationship to be just as important – creating a connection, communicating, and making a client feel supported. Your 1-on-1 Personal Fitness Training Membership includes regular check-ins to help keep you motivated and accountable. After all, if you don't complete your workouts, it doesn't matter how expertly crafted they are. Coaching is a repetitive process. This means, we try something, monitor the results, measure if things are working or not, and then – based on the results of the measures – decide what to do next. We’ll look for your limiting factors as well as your advantages.


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