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  • Assessments

    • Complete Health, Fitness and Nutritional Assessments

    • Postural & Movement Assessments

    • Monthy Measurements

    • Monthly FITINDEX Scan - Bodyfat %, Lean Body Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), etc.

    • Monthly Progress Photos

  • Up to 4x, 8x, or 12x, 16x One-on-One Personal Training sessions* per month, depending on the plan you choose. Personal Training sessions are by appointment only and are 45 minutes including warm up, workout, and stretching / cool-down.

  • Exclusive access to our Members Only area (on this website) where you wll find...

    • Tools for helping create and sustain simple yet effective habits around your nutrition

    • Ongoing access and support from Coach Tracey 

    • A robust collection of resources with education and tips on

      • Nutrition - Expert info and strategies for eating well (Because you cannot exercise your way out of an unhealthy diet!)

      • Fitness / Movement- Move well, move often, and workout

      • Stress - Prepare for and tolerate stress

      • Change - Regulate your environment, mindset, and emotions

      • Lifestyle - Smart strategies for busy lives

      • ...and MORE!

  • Additional tools such as the Moxie Custom Nutrition Templates (included with your Personal Training plan

  • Exclusive access to Moxie Online Fitness via Google Classroom where I will post your assigned workouts for your "off" days from Moxie. Minimal space / equipment required (Scroll down!) For best results, it is recommended that you do a total of 3-4 "Moxie Workouts" per week. "Cardio / Endurance" can be done everyday.  Please note: a personal Gmail account is required to access Google Classroom. Once you are set up, you will receive an email on your "off" days with the workout. Please contact me for the class code.

  • Exclusive access to our extensive Video Movement Library (also in Google Classroom)

  • Exclusive access to our 4-Week Kickstart Challenge. This is a personal 4-week “unofficial” challenge you can start anytime. I encourage you to set yourself up for success by doing the 4-Week Kickstart in conjunction with your first month, but this is YOUR Challenge so you may begin when you feel ready. Most clients need strategies that are realistic, simple, and fit with their everyday lives as “imperfect” human beings. The 4-Week Kickstart focuses on simple habits to build the essential skills that everyone needs to sustain good health, a lean and strong body, and athletic performance for life.​​

  • ​Exclusive access to the private Moxie Members Facebook Group, a page dedicated to creating an inclusive community for all active Moxie members. We use the page to share information, for our community to interact, ask and answer questions, provide feedback, and to encourage and support one another. Please send me a friend request on Facebook  -  Tracey Garito Mahaney (if we aren't friends already) so I can send you an invite (or you can simply request to join!)The opportunity to participate in several challenges throughout the year with the support of the Moxie Community.

  • One-on-One and Small Group Nutrition Coaching are available for purchase and come with specific guidance to help you take control of your nutrition in a way that works for you. We don't believe in fad diets, cuts or macronutrient elimination diets, or any sort of eating schedule that you won't be able to follow for the rest of your life, and our coaches can help you do just that.

  • Please read our Policies & Procedures

*Personal Training sessions are by appointment only. Monthly Plans vary based on frequency per month. Choose the training option that works best for you and how your live your life. 


With your Personal Training Plan, you will also gain access to Moxie Online Fitness, where you will find assigned "at-home" workouts to do on your "off" days. Here is a list of the minimum suggested equipment (click on the links to find out where I purchased my equipment):

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