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Reprogram Your Mind.

Your beliefs are habits of thought, opinions, and attitudes about the world around you, and especially your beliefs about YOU, about your life.

  1. Your (subconscious) beliefs affect your perception (what you see).

  2. Your perception affects how you feel.

  3. How you feel determines your behaviors/actions/habits.

  4. Beliefs are self-fulfilling. So, your body must follow your beliefs (Let that sink in for a minute).

  5. Your beliefs create your experience and your experience confirms your beliefs.​

  6. CONCLUSION: Willpower and knowledge will not cut it. If you want to change your habits (and achieve lasting results), you must start by updating your beliefs (otherwise your existing beliefs will end up sabotaging every new goal you set for yourself).

The deepest transformation happens at the level of beliefs and identity. However, transformational work must begin at the level of behavior. Fear not. We will start with small, simple, and practical changes - and I will always meet you where you are. "Small hinges swing big doors."


The only requirement is honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness - willingness to look deeply at one's present moments, in a spirit of generosity, kindness towards oneself, and openness toward what might be possible.

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