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Have a mealtime game plan.

Imagine a really awesome, healthy, delicious meal.

What's in it?

This meal has stuff you enjoy. And all the primary ingredients of a balanced, healthy meal: lean protein, colorful fruits and veggies, healthy fats, and smart carbs.

You can tell by looking at it: This meal is packed full of good stuff—vitamins, minerals, other nutrients.

How does it feel to eat it?

Imagine sitting down, taking your time, and really savoring that meal.

Where are you? What's happening?

After you eat that meal, you know you're going to feel great. Full of energy and vitality. Proud of yourself. Like you'll live forever.

Now imagine eating an entire day's worth of those kinds of balanced meals.

If you had to work towards making that day happen ... how would you do it?

"Reverse engineer" your planning and prep

Start with a vision of the meals you'd like to make, the meals that are "perfect" just for you. Then work backwards.

  1. What makes your perfect meals so good for you?

  2. What needs to happen for you to work towards creating one of those perfect meals?

  3. If you wanted to make more than one perfect meal in a day, what else might you need to do or think about?

  4. What would it look like today to be just a little bit more proactive about making your perfect meals a reality?

Work with yourself

Take an honest account of what you’re starting with—your preferences, skills, lifestyle, and goals.

Look for windows of space and opportunity in your schedule. Or create them.

Think about what you like and need in your meals to make them perfect for you, (rather than someone else’s ideal)—variety? ease? routine? something that doesn't need refrigeration? some small creative detail to make it special?

Do you have a daily or weekly meal prep routine? If not, how might you try a bit of that?

Is there something (like a crock pot meal) that you could prep and cook in bulk then put into containers?

Maybe you have your favorite go-to meals that you're comfortable with, because you've done it before. See if you can make more of those types of meals, or create simple variations on them.

There are always more small steps to take refining your planning and preparation routines, and making them as consistent as possible.

First, start with making it as easy as possible for yourself:

Start with what you can already do, and what you already know works for you . . . and just do more of that.

Some prep tips from pros

If you'd like some more specific ideas, check out the following two infographics on weekly meal prep and creating the "perfect meal".

Download PDF • 2.25MB

Download PDF • 19.08MB

The Moxie Weekly Fix

It's time to reflect. In a notebook or journal, or even on a post-it note, set aside a few minutes this week to answer the following questions.

What are two "Moxie-friendly" meals that you already know how to prepare?

  • Meal 1: ________

  • Meal 2: ________

How could you plan ahead today or the next few days to make one more healthy meal happen?

Source: Precision Nutrition ProCoach

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