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Make Your Bed.

Set yourself up for success each day by clearing the clutter. The theory behind this exercise is that you must clear out the old before you can bring in the new.

Your physical surroundings have a huge impact on your state of mind. Living or working in a cluttered, unorganized environment increases your stress levels and leads to a cluttered, disorganized mind. Your external world reflects your internal world. So you can reverse engineer that by cleaning your external world and notice how that makes room to shift internally.

This internal shift is so important because we want to start creating the space for health in our lives NOW.

The thought of cleaning your entire home may be completely overwhelming to you. Or you may feel like you need to reorganize every drawer and closet. If that's the case, you may start with something as simple as making your bed every morning.

In addition to the clarity that comes from living and working in a tidy space, making your bed, a) makes it a lot less likely that you are going to crawl back into it, and b) it’s a small success that allows you to start building some momentum in the morning by crossing a task off your to-do list.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing about parts of my morning routine (which includes making my bed every day) and the importance of creating healthy habits. I'll also share some tips on how you can group together small, positive changes into a simple-to-complete sequence or routine that you can easily follow daily.

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