Why am I sharing this? According to Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles - How to Get From Where You are Now to Where You Want to Be, three ways to increase the likelihood of achieving your goals are: 1. Write down your goal. This is a must. There is no other option. Until you write down your goal, it is just a wish or an idea in your head. 2. Tell a supportive friend or colleague about your goal. When you do this, you make the goal more real for yourself. It also deepens your commitment to the goal when you state your goal publicly. 3. Set up a regular system of accountability, then report your results to a friend, colleague, coach, or mentor on a consistent basis. Knowing that you will be reporting your results to someone else carries a social consequence this is often enough to keep you motivated. There. I wrote it down. I stated it publicly. Now it's real and it's going to happen! So stay tuned! What is YOUR Number One Goal right now? Which goal would make you feel the most fulfilled? Which goal would make the biggest impact on your life when you achieve it? Feel free to share in the comments! I'd love to hear! Perhaps you have many goals. It may be hard to choose just one. One thing to bear in mind is that the real purpose of any goal you set is to create the habits and behaviors you would need to adopt; to develop the qualities and characteristics you would need to embody to become the type of person who can consistently set and achieve significant goals. In other words, the real purpose of any goal is WHO YOU BECOME through the process that will serve you in every other area of your life. Because how you do anything is how you do everything!

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