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1827 Days....

Celebrating 5 years sober today (one day at a time)! 1827 days ago I was in a very dark place. As hard as it is to think about sometimes, I hope I never forget. . "Until your knees finally hit the floor you're just playing at life, and on some level you're scared because you know you're just playing. The moment of surrender is not when life is over. It's when it begins."

- A RETURN TO LOVE, Marianne Williamson . . My hope for you, when you look in the mirror, is that you can find the things that make you beautiful and celebrate them. There is a future version of you that already exists and has met your desires. The seeds of who you are becoming are already planted inside you. You are powerful and capable, and I will hold that belief for you, especially when you cannot yet hold it for yourself. Shine, baby! Shine!

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