• .Jump-start your metabolism

  • End the vicious cycle and get rid of those addictive foods that leave you feeling toxic

  • Reset your taste buds to desire healthier and more natural foods

  • Eliminate your cravings for starchy, sugary foods

  • Change your relationship with and attitude towards food and create life-long healthy habits

  • Increase awareness of destructive habits, such as: overeating, eating too much of something and not enough of something else, life revolving around food, eating for fuel and function vs. emotional eating

  • Identify what your cues and triggers are that stimulate a particular food response (desired or detrimental)

  • Discover which foods are causing bloating, inflammation, intolerances, and weight gain

  • Look at several of the most common limiting factors that most clients struggle with when it comes to fitness, health, and nutrition, and learn how you can start working through them.

  • Learn the basics of macronutrients and portion sizing and how to eat the right amount (in the proper balance) for YOUR needs and goals 

  • Learn how to meet your protein, vegetable, carb, fat, and calorie needs without having to count a gram or weight an ounce of food.

  • Get back into a consistent workout routine

  • Build habits that will ensure proper functioning of the body and foster a positive mindset.

  • Understand how habits work and teach you success strategies you can use to build positive habits and eliminate negative ones.

  • Gain clarity on the type of person you want to grow to become and build a strong internal narrative with behavior priming mantras that will support you in your journey.

  • Successfully introduce several key positive habits and practices to benefit different areas of your life and reinforce them to the point where they are “automatic”, eliminating the need for constant willpower and motivation.

  • Easily track your progress and record your small wins daily and weekly, helping you stay accountable and focused, and in this way, build positive momentum and motivation to keep improving.

  • Bring awareness to areas that may be sabotaging your success that you aren’t even aware of, as well as making sure your mindset and beliefs are in alignment with what you want to create in your external world


....then The Moxie28 is for you!


The Moxie28 is a virtual 28-day challenge designed to help you build consistent fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits, stay motivated, and connect with the Moxie Community. Whether you are looking to kickstart (or RE-start) your fitness journey or continuing on a solid path, this is your opportunity to nail down the basics and take control of your health, fitness, and well-being. I have put together a comprehensive plan to support you on your journey and I will be right here to provide guidance, accountability, and support!


  1.  Assessment & Preparation - One week out from the start of the Moxie28, I'll offer a Preparation Workshop (via zoom) to set the expectation and answer questions. Throughout the week, you'll get educational emails, coaching videos, handouts, checklists... and MORE to help build the foundation for a successful Moxie28. 

  2. Workouts – Complete 4-5 Moxie Workouts every week for 28 consecutive days. You will have access to Moxie Online Fitness (via Google Classroom) for the duration of your Moxie28 (plus exclusive access to our extensive Video Movement Library).    

  3. Quality & Quantity - Days 1-28: Eat the right foods, in the right amounts. Strive for 100% compliance to the Moxie28 Guidelines for no less than 28 days. For an extensive list of which foods to eat and which foods to avoid AND to be sure you are consuming the proper portion sizes and ratio of macros for you, you'll refer to your Moxie28 Custom Nutrition Template. 

  4. Education - Over the course of 6 weeks, you will receive emails and coaching videos where I'll address some of the Common Limiting Facors (CLF) for most clients. I'll discuss why clients struggle with each CLF and why it's a problem. Then I'll provide some strategies to help you work through them. 

  5. Daily & Weekly Habits - I have grouped several different habits and practices into three categories or pillars: Physical Body, Mind & Emotion, and Personal Growth. Each pillar represents an important area of you and your life. Your goal will be to follow along with Daily and Weekly Habits and Tasks. These habits and tasks build the essential skills that all clients need to sustain good health, a lean and strong body, and athletic performance for life.

  6. Mindset -  A healthy, fit body isn’t just about food and exercise (though that’s important). It's also about how you think and feel, and what’s important to you. So I will also help you build habits that will ensure proper functioning of the body and foster a positive mindset. I will provide you with resources for all of the habits (including downloadable handouts) throughout the Moxie28. \

  7. Maintenance (Life After Your Moxie28) - I'll provide information on relapse prevention, having a plan of recovery, and tips for maintaining your new body.



  • Weekly Coaching Workshops & Videos - for information, support, and Q&A. 

  • Moxie28 Custom Nutrition Template & Eating Guide  

  • A Moxie28 Food Guide 

  • Moxie28 Guidelines - a list of which foods to avoid - and WHY - for the duration of your Moxie28.

  • Exclusive access to Moxie Online Fitness (via Google Classroom) is included for the duration of the Challenge (a personal Gmail account is required to access Google Classroom). These will be workouts that can be done at home. Minimal space and equipment required.

  • Benchmark Workout (Day 1 & Day 29)

  • Exclusive Access to the Private Moxie28 Facebook Group - a page dedicated to creating an inclusive community for all Moxie28 participants. We use the page to share information, for our community to interact, ask and answer questions, provide feedback, and to encourage and support one another. 

    • Daily Communication - Action steps, tips, done-for-you handouts, materials, recipes... and more!

    • Coaching videos posted to the Private FB Group where I’ll address Common Limiting Factors (CLF) for most clients. I’ll discuss why clients struggle with that specific CLF and why it’s a problem. Then I’ll provide some strategies to help you work through them.

    • Daily Educational Posts to help set you up for inevitable success

  •  ...and MORE!


To give each client the personal care and  attention they deserve, I only open the Moxie28 to a select number of clients. Spots are limited and will book up quickly! Registration will end on the dates specified below OR once all spots have been filled - whichever comes first.*

  • Early Bird Registration ($149): August 9-31

  • Registration ($199): September 1-10

  • Moxie28 Dates:

    • Week 1 | Assessment & Preparation: September 13-19​

    • Weeks 2-5 | Moxie28: September 20 - October 17 

    • Week 6 |  Reintroduction & Maintenance: October 18 - 24