Moxie Metamorphosis is a comprehensive 12-week personal development program that utilizes a three-prong approach: NUTRITION, FITNESS, AND MINDSET. This is NOT meant to be just another diet or quick-fix solution that you do for a few weeks to change your external appearance. Moxie Metamorphosis is a powerful way for you to create significant change with sustainable results that you can maintain for the rest of your life. It’s about growth, new thinking and permanent change.


At Moxie, we know that everything we want is just outside our comfort zones. We've all heard the saying, "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." We know that if we want something different we have to do something different. We believe that to achieve a big goal we have to become a bigger person. We develop new skills, new attitudes and new capabilities. We stretch ourselves, and in so doing we will be stretched forever. That takes moxie. Get ready for complete transformation. I have put together a comprehensive plan to support you on your journey.


The Moxie Metamorphosis is designed to help you to…

  • Change your relationship with and attitude towards food for good

  • Increase awareness of destructive habits, such as: overeating, eating too much of something and not enough of something else, life revolving around food, eating for fuel and function vs. emotional eating

  • Strengthen your mental toughness and maximize your potential through deep and meaningful daily practice

  • Learn some simple tools and how to apply them to your daily life to help you develop a strong, positive mindset

  • Identify what your cues and triggers are that stimulate a particular food response (desired or detrimental)

  • Jump-start your metabolism

  • End the vicious cycle and get rid of those addictive foods that leave you feeling toxic

  • Reset your taste buds to desire healthier and more natural foods

  • Eliminate your cravings for starchy, sugary food

  • Discover which foods are causing bloating, inflammation, intolerances, and weight gain

  • Get back into a regular exercise routine with workouts that can be done with minimal equipment (see below) from the comfort of your own home


The Moxie Metamorphosis12-Week Training Program includes three different phases of training that systematically progress all clients through the three main adaptations of stabilization, strength, and power.


The three phases of training are:

  • PHASE 1 | CORE - The first phase of training - CORE - is designed to prepare the body for higher levels of training which will follow. It involves low-intensity, high-repetition resistance training programs, emphasizing core and joint stabilization. This phase focuses on core stability and endurance of all major muscles. 

  • PHASE 2 | TONE -  The second phase of training - TONE - is a hybrid form of training that promotes increased stabilization endurance, hypertrophy (muscle growth), and strength. This form of training entails the use of superset techniques and a higher volume of training. 

  • PHASE 3 | HYBRID - The third phase of training - HYBRID - utilizes undulating periodization which allows the client to train at various intensities during the week, eliciting multiple adaptations once a certain level of fitness is achieved. In the HYBRID phase, stabilization, strength, and power are all being trained together.  


Each phase will last 4 weeks. Each week will include...

  • Three Resistance Training Workout Videos 

  • Two HIIT Workout Videos 

  • Four Cardio Zone Training Workouts 


  • Daily Coaching right to your inbox including

    • Exclusive access to daily full-length videos via email of Tracey doing the Workout of the Day. So you can do the workout whenever, wherever and it will be just like she's doing the workout right along with you. Each video will include...

      • A warm-up and cool-down

      • A detailed description of movement technique

      • A detailed description of each workout

      • Coaching tips

      • Suggestions for substitutions and modifications

    • Nutritional guidance, Dos and Don’ts, tips on dining out, meal prep, “cheating”, relapse prevention… and MORE!

    • Realistic and simple habits to build the essential skills that everyone needs to sustain good health, a lean and strong body, and athletic performance for life.

    • Daily inspiration and reminders

    • A Weekly Progress Tracker

    • Strategies for mind renewal and behavior change

    • ...and MORE!!!

  • A Moxie Meal Plan Template - A structured, yet flexible and simple meal plan. How much you should eat depends on many factors, including your goals, gender, body type, and activity level. You’ll be able to start planning your meals around a basic template designed with you in mind. Your template will tell you how much to eat from each food group (i.e. proteins, smart carbs, vegetables, healthy fats) and you'll simply refer to your Food Guide and choose the foods you want to eat with each meal.

  • A Moxie Food Guide - When following this plan, you will be encouraged to base your diet on real, fresh, natural, nutrient-dense foods. Your food guide will give you dozens of options to choose from for each food group (and which foods to avoid during your 12-Week Metamorphosis) to help you look, feel, and perform at your best. 

  • A Custom Serving Chart No counting calories, blocks or points. No tracking macros. No food scales or measuring cups. To measure your food you will simply use the hand-sized portions which I will describe with your Custom Meal Plan Template.

  • Community, camaraderie, accountability, support in our Private Moxie Members Facebook Group.



These workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home! Here is a list of the minimum suggested equipment:

  • Three pairs of dumbbells - one "light" pair, one "medium" pair, one "heavy" pair

  • 55cm Stability ball

  • A chair, box, bench, or something (16-20" high) to step up onto

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