What it is...

The Moxie 28-Day Reset is a comprehensive program to help you to…

  • Jump-start your metabolism

  • End the vicious cycle and get rid of those addictive foods that leave you feeling toxic

  • Reset your taste buds to desire healthier and more natural foods

  • Eliminate your cravings for starchy, sugary foods

  • Change your relationship with and attitude towards food for good

  • Increase awareness of destructive habits, such as: overeating, eating too much of something and not enough of something else, life revolving around food, eating for fuel and function vs. emotional eating

  • Identify what your cues and triggers are that stimulate a particular food response (desired or detrimental)

  • Discover which foods are causing bloating, inflammation, intolerances, and weight gain


The Moxie 28-Day Reset is a way for you to create significant change with sustainable results that you can maintain for the next five or more years. I have put together a comprehensive plan to support you on your journey and I will be right here to provide guidance, accountability, and support!

What you do...

  1. ASSESSMENT & PREPARATION – On Day 1 conduct a Wellness Audit (which I will provide) and take before photos and/or measurements. These photos are for YOU. You will be kicking yourself later if you do not have a good before photo. Trust me.

  2. 28-DAY RESET - Eat the right foods, in the right amounts. Commit to the Moxie 28-Day Reset Elimination Guidelines for no less than 28 days. For an extensive list of which foods to eat and which foods to avoid AND to be sure you are consuming the right amounts for you (based on your goals, gender, body type, and activity level) you'll refer to your Moxie Custom Meal Plan Template.

  3. REASSESSMENT - After 28 days of Elimination (on Day 28), conduct another Wellness Audit and take your after photos.

  4. REINTRODUCTION – Days 29-37 you will slowly, systematically reintroduce the foods you have eliminated one-by-one (I will provide detailed instructions on how to properly do your reintroduction).

What you'll get...

  • Your MM3 Cleanse Custom Meal Plan Template - A structured, yet flexible and simple meal plan. How much you should eat depends on many factors, including your goals, gender, body type, and activity level. You’ll be able to start planning your meals around a basic template customized just for you. Your template will tell you how much to eat from each food group (i.e. proteins, smart carbs, vegetables, healthy fats) and you'll simply refer to your 28-Day Reset Food Guide and choose the foods you want to eat with each meal.

  • A Moxie 28-Day Reset Food Guide - When following this plan, you will be encouraged to base your diet on real, fresh, natural, nutrient-dense foods. Your food guide will give you dozens of options to choose from for each food group (and which foods to avoid during your 28-Day Reset) to help you look, feel, and perform at your best. You'll receive a simple, easy to follow PDF file that you can download and print.

  • 28-Day Reset Elimination Guidelines - a list of which foods to avoid - and WHY - for the duration of your 28-Day Reset.

  • A custom serving chart No counting calories, blocks or points. No tracking macros. No food scales or measuring cups. To measure your food you will simply use the hand-sized portions which I will describe with your Custom Meal Plan Template.

  • Helpful Tips and Guides including...​​

    • How to ​Read Food Labels

    • Other Names for Sugar That Appear on Labels

    • How to Shop Smart

    • How to Create Success While Dining Out

    • Tips for Cooking at Home

    • ... and MORE!

  • A Wellness Audit - Before you begin, it is important to take an honest assessment of how certain food choices are negatively affecting your health, mood, sleep, athletic performance, body composition and bowel function.

  • Reintroduction Instructions - I will provide detailed instructions on how to properly handle your Reintroduction (Days 29-37)


How it Works...

The Moxie 28-Day Reset is available to those clients who have completed the MM3 Total Body Transformation | 90-Day Intensive. If you choose to complete the Moxie 28-Day Reset, I will teach you everything you need to know to set yourself up for success. We will have weekly accountability check-ins via zoom and I will be available for extra support for the duration of your 28-Day Reset. I will then walk you through exactly how to perform your Reintroduction to get the greatest benefit.


For an extensive list of specifically which foods to eat and which foods (potential allergens) to avoid (and why!) AND to be sure you are consuming the right amounts for you (based on your goals, gender, body type, and activity level) refer to your Moxie Custom Meal Plan Template as well as your Moxie 28-Day Reset Food Guide. While following this plan you will base your diet on real, fresh, natural, whole, nutrient-dense foods. 


I will provide detailed instructions on how to properly handle your Reintroduction (Days 29-37).

The only way to truly know if certain foods are having a negative effect is to completely remove them from your diet for 28 days (or more)… and then (if you choose) slowly reintroduce those foods one-by-one and notice the impact they have on how you look, feel and perform. Elimination diets can be a remarkably effective means of determining the potential for food sensitivity. 

I have done a strict 28-Day Reset followed by a systematic reintroduction several times and have found that I do not respond well to gluten. But I can tolerate small amounts of non-gluten grains and dairy products. But I never would have discovered my sensitivity without a period of elimination and reintroduction since I had been eating them for years and I felt “fine.” Even though I do not eat a one hundred percent clean diet one hundred percent of the time (I am human, after all), I am still relatively strict. I eat this way to optimize my health. And if I continue to look, feel, and perform the way I like, I will continue to do so.


THIS. HAS. CHANGED. MY. LIFE. Seriously. Within days of eating this way, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my energy levels and sleep quality. I noticed my sinuses were clearer and my skin glowed. Within a week I started to notice a change in my body composition (with seemingly little effort). In less than two weeks I stopped craving the foods that at one point I could not imagine living without. Over the next few weeks my bowel function normalized (Halleluiah!) and I no longer experienced the post-meal bloating and indigestion that I just attributed to overeating. My athletic performance improved – I got measurably faster and stronger.


Today, eating clean and following my Moxie Custom Meal Plan Template is just a way of life for me.  It is not a diet. It is a lifestyle. For the first time in 25+ years I feel free. I no longer weigh and measure my food. I do not count macros or calories or blocks anymore. I have stopped separating food into "good" and "bad" lists. I am slowly getting away from all-or-nothing thinking. I finally understand that good nutrition is not about "following the rules" or being strict. It is about enabling happier, healthier, fuller lives. And guess what? I have not put on weight/fat. I am just as lean as when I started, if not leaner. I eat enough to sustain energy levels and fuel athletic performance. I can honestly say that I like my body. I am strong and lean, and I like the way my clothes fit. I am not real big on weighing myself these days, but I fit comfortably into a size two! I am never hungry - except on the rare occasion I do not prepare enough food ahead of time.... and when I am hungry, I eat. I never feel deprived. Sure, there are foods that I miss (and, on occasion, I will indulge) but I no longer crave them constantly. When considering my food options for any given meal, my decisions are based on how I will feel thirty minutes after I've finished eating (content vs. full and sluggish) and how it will affect my athletic performance and recovery and, most importantly, my health. My self-worth isn't even a thought because, today, how "good" or "bad" I am has nothing to do with my food choices. My body is not perfect (and that's okay) but I appreciate it for what it can do. I am strong, healthy, and happy and I have a healthy relationship with food and my body. I sleep and recover well, and I feel great!  But, by far the biggest change has taken place between my ears. 


You may be thinking.... 

  • "But my eating is not disordered," or

  • "I don't need to change my life. I just want to lose (or gain) a few pounds," or

  • "I don't need to lose weight. I just want to get control of my eating habits, so I feel better, healthier, have more energy, etc.," or

  • "I know WHAT to do. I just need to DO IT." 

You may have an "expert" level of knowledge, perhaps even a graduate degree in nutrition... but you do not actually do fundamental behaviors consistently. And, for that reason, you are not seeing results. The MM3 Cleanse 28-Day Reset can help!