Whether you're new to this type of training, have taken a break from working out, or have lacked proper coaching in the past, this place is for you. Moxie Fundamentals is broken down into 3 sessions (Semi-Private or 1-on-1 options available) that willl walk you through a detailed instruction and execution of common movements you'll find in the Moxie Workout of the Day. We'll also provide coaching tips specific to this type of training. 

Each of the 3 Moxie Fundamentals sessions will follow the same basic structure as our regular Semi-Private Small Group Classes, however the majority of the time will be spent on skill instruction - followed by a "mini" workout which which will incorporate the movements you learned that day. We will also set aside time at the end for discussion and Q & A.

Choose between:

1) Small Group Fundamentals - Schedule coming soon!

  • Complete all 3 Classes (FUN 1, FUN 2, FUN 3)

2) One-on-One Moxie Fundamentals (additional fee)

  • Complete 3 1-on-1 Sessions