​The Moxie Cardio Workouts are for anyone who is looking to specifically increase speed, stamina, or both... or someone who just enjoys running, biking, or rowing. These workouts can be done on a treadmill (or outside), stationary/assault bike, or rower.

Cardiorespiratory training, as with any other form of training, falls under the principle of specificity. According to the principle of specificity, the body will adapt to the level of stress placed on it and will then require more or varied amounts of stress to produce a higher level of adaptation in the future.


Stage Training

The purpose of stage training is to ensure that cardiorespiratory training programs progress in an organized fashion to ensure continual adaptation and to minimize the risk of overtraining and injury. The different stages of cardio training use different heart rate training zones. Each stage helps create a strong cardiorespiratory base to build on in subsequent stages.



Intensity refers to the level of demand that a given activity places on the body. Applied to cardiorespiratory exercise, intensity is established and monitored in numerous ways. The prescribed exercise intensity during Moxie Cardio Workouts will be based on Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) Method (a.k.a. Karvonen Method) and/or Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE)– both methods are described below.


Heart Rate Reserve (HRR)/Karvonen Method:

To calculate your target heart zones using the HRR (Karvonen) Method click here HEART RATE ZONES.xlsx


Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) Method:

When using the RPE method, you are subjectively rating the perceived difficulty of exercise. Your subjective rating should be based on the overall feelings of how hard you are working, including an overall sense of fatigue and not just isolated areas of the body, i.e. tired legs. Although the RPE scale is a subjective measure, if you report your exertion ratings accurately, RPE does provide a good estimate of the actual heart rate during physical activity.


Rate of Perceived Exertion (Borg Scale):

6 = No exertion at all

7 = Extremely light


9 = Very light


11 = Light


13 = Somewhat hard


15= Hard (heavy)


17 = Very hard


19 = Extremely hard

20 = Maximal exertion


Zone Training

For each Moxie Cardio Workout, I will tell you which zone you should aim for during that specific workout. The zones are described below.

  • Zone 1 = 65-75% or RPE 12-13 (Somewhat hard)

  • Zone 2 = 76-85% or RPE 14-16 (Hard)

  • Zone 3 = 86-95% or RPE 19-20 (Extremely hard/Maximal exertion)