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"My challenges help me grow."

  1. Take a moment to reflect on today's affirmation.

  2. Use the following self-reflection questions as writing prompts in a journal or notebook.

    1. How do I react to new challenges?

    2. How can I develop more of a growth mindset?

  3. Decide on a practical way to bring this positive affirmation to life today!


1) "Check in" - Guided Mind-Body Scan

1) General Warm up

2) Specific Warm up

1 Minute Continuous Movement (Jog, Row, Bike, Alternating DB Taps, Jump Rope, Jumping Jacks, etc.)

10 Alternating Reverse Lunge, 6 each side (No Weight)

6 Dumbbell Push Press


3) The Workout

3 Sets

Each Set is 3 Rounds of:

10 Alternating Reverse Lunge, 6 each side (No Weight)

6 Dumbbell Push Press

Rest 1 Minute Between Sets



Men: 15-30# DBs

Women: 10-20# DBs


Score: Total Time (Including Rest)

Goal: 9-12 Minutes


Coaching Tips

The way this one works is you'll do 10 lunges followed by 6 push presses. That's one ROUND. Do another two rounds of 10 and 6. That's one SET. At this point, you'll rest for 1 minute before starting the next set. Continue that pattern until you've done 3 sets.


To finish this workout in 9-12 minutes (including rest), you'll need to finish each set within 2:15-3:15. If, during your rest after the first set, you realize it took you longer than 3:15, you'll need to move faster with the same movements -OR- you can customize the movements to allow for a faster pace.


The lunges are alternating, which means you'll do 5 on each leg for 10 total. Work to keep your front shin vertical as you descend into the bottom of each lunge. If you need to, you can hold onto something for assistance. Choose a weight for the push press that allows you to do all 6 reps without resting the entire workout.

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