1. I am always present and in the moment.

  2. I am open to receiving an abundance of health and happiness.

  3. I always have what I need when I need it.

  4. Where I am is the next perfect place to be.

  5. No experience is lacking in purpose.

  6. Forgiveness is the key to peace.

  7. Every experience is an opportunity for growth

  8. I decide the world I want to see and then I create it.

  9. I do not let the mood swings of others determine who I am.

  10. I cannot change the world, but I can change my mind about the world.

  11. I would rather be happy and peaceful than to always be right.

  12. I do not let the past define the present (or the future).

  13. By appreciating what I already have, I manifest more abundance.

  14. My life is mine to create.

  15. I deserve abundance and prosperity.

  16. My life inspires and motivates others.

  17. I choose happiness, success, and abundance.

© 2017 by Moxie Newtown