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Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Improve health? Boost performance? I can help you achieve the results you want... more easily than ever before.

While our fitness programs will provide guidance on enhancing overall health while focusing on movement quality, joint and core stabilization, muscular strength, injury avoidance, aesthetics, and body composition, the most significant changes in body composition and muscle development will happen with proper nutrition. Diet / nutrition accounts for at least 70 percent of the health-and-weight loss equation. Movement and regular exercise are important for many reasons, but they don't mean much if the foundation of your nutrition is full of holes. (In other words, you cannot "out-exercise" a poor diet).



What is good nutrition?? Good nutrition is outcome-based. Every nutrition choice you make will lead to an outcome. Those outcomes can be measured. And they’re a great mirror of reality. If someone thinks they are eating “healthy”, but they just don’t have the body, health or performance that could be expected, maybe that person’s idea of “healthy” doesn’t match reality.


If you asked 100 different people what “good nutrition” or “healthy eating” means, you'd likely get 100 different answers. Some think good nutrition means eating fewer sugary desserts. Others think it means eating more fruits and vegetables. Others think it means eating less meat or fewer carbs. Sure, all of these are simple and easy to remember. Yet all of them are incomplete.


At Moxie we measure the “goodness” of a nutrition plan differently. We ask one simple question – a question that you should be asking yourself right now:

“What do I hope to accomplish with my nutrition plan?”

In fact, not only should you ask this question now, but you should also revisit it every few months, just to be sure you’re remaining true to your goals. Hopefully you remember that whole “matching goals and behaviors” discussion from the blog post 10 Moxie Fitness & Nutrition Success Tips”.


At Moxie, we believe all good nutrition programs must accomplish four things simultaneously:

  1. Improve your body composition

  2. Improve your health

  3. Improve your performance (inside and outside the gym)

  4. Be sustainable year-round


(For more information, please read my recent blog post: “What is Good Nutrition?”).


There are multiple ways to help you track your intake and consistently eat right for your goals and needs. You DO NOT need to count calories or macros to get the right portions for your goals. The Moxie Custom Calorie, Macro & Portion  Guide helps you meet your protein, vegetable, carb, fat, and calorie needs without having to count a gram or weigh a food. This will dramatically simplify the eating and tracking process, and it’s nearly as accurate as the calorie and macro approaches. 

I will determine the appropriate daily calories for your body based on the NIH Body Weight Planner (and adapted from research collected at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Disease).

How much you should eat depends on many factors. To come up with your personalized needs, the following factors are taken into consideration:

  • Your personal details (height, age, weight, sex)

  • Physical activity levels (both daily movement and purposeful exercise)

  • The date you want to reach your goal by (within reason!)

  • The changing and adaptive nature of human metabolism (a major benefit)

I'll then calculate your daily calories, macros, and portions combining the above data with additional factors, including your:


But here's the best part. Once I estimate your calorie and macronutrient needs, I will automatically convert those numbers into food portions that are equivalent to parts of your hand. (Specifically, your palm, fist, cupped hand, and thumb.) Then I'll send you a Personalized Calorie, Macro & Portion Guide using our Hand-Size Portions System for hitting your calorie and macro targets. No weighing your food. No counting calories or tracking macros (unless you want to).

A Custom Calorie, Macro & Portion Guide is included with all Personal Training Plans but may be purchased on its own (if you are not a personal training client for $50.


Once you have submitted your payment and your data has been calculated, you will recieve a personalized eating guide for your body, activity levels, eating preferences, and goals. With  your Custom Eating Guide, you'll learn to:

  • Get started right away

  • Eat the right amount of food at each meal without counting macros or calories

  • Easily judge the portion sizes that are right for your body and goals without weighing and measuring

  • Choose foods based on your eating preferences

  • Track your food intake and stay consistent without having to log the details of every meal into calorie and macro tracking apps.

  • Build your daily menu using our sample meal ideas

  • Make adjustments for continual results 


How-to Guide

Which explains how to get the right portions for your goals using just your hands to measure. This approach will dramatically simplify the eating and tracking process, and it’s nearly as accurate as the calorie and macro approaches.


Sample Meal Ideas

So, you can build your daily menu and choose foods based on your dietary preferences (i.e., Paleo, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, etc.)


Daily Portion Tracking Sheet

Using a simple Hand Portion Tracker Sheet will help you track your food intake and stay consistent. No weighing your food. No counting calories or macros (unless you choose to do so!) You’ll simply check off each portion box as you eat the portion.


"Food Spectrum" Lists for Each Category (Proteins, Carbs, Veggies, and Healthy Fats)

You have the freedom to choose what YOU want to eat. The purpose of the "food spectrum" is to help you prioritize choosing whole, unprocessed foods for most of your meals, not to force you to give up everything you love. You will establish a criterion for "better". YOU decide what defines your spectrum of better proteins, carbs, fats, and beverages. This will help to eliminate the all-or-nothing mindset around your nutrition by utilizing our resources.

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