MM3 MInd is just one prong of the MM3 Health Coaching 90-Day Total Health Transformation. 


By following the MM3 Coaching Process you may...

  • Experience mental breakthroughs and emotional epiphanies

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you are and learn to listen to your own voice, to your own heart.

  • Experience increased wakefulness, clarity, and present-moment awareness.

  • Deepen your attention and awareness, refine them, and put them to greater practical use in your everyday life.

  • Learn to be present without having to "go" anywhere or make anything better or different.

  • Realize the richness and depth of your possibilities for growth and transformation.

  • Get out of the constant robot-like automatic pilot way of seeing and thinking and doing.

  • Get yourself unstuck and back in touch with your creativity, intelligence, imagination, clarity, determination choice, inner wisdom, and vitality.

  • Take charge of the direction and quality of your life and your relationships

  • See more clearly, and come to understand more deeply, areas in your life that you were out of touch with or unwilling to look at.

  • Come to appreciate feelings such as joy, peacefulness, and happiness which often go by fleetingly and unacknowledged.

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