This. Will. Change. Your. Life.

MM3 Health is a comprehensive Do-It-Yourself 90-DAY LIFE-CHANGING TOTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATION that has been years in the making. "MM" stands for 'Moxie Metamorphosis' and the number '3' is because it utilizes a three-prong approach: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT. 


This is NOT meant to be just another diet or quick-fix solution that you do for a few weeks to change your external appearance. MM3 is a powerful way for you to show up for yourself and create significant change with sustainable results that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

I wanted to create a program that would help people look better. Feel better. Perform better. Live better. And just BE better overall. My mission as a Health & Fitness Coach was (and is) to use my knowledge, experience and passion to enable happier, healthier, and fuller lives and to inspire and empower people to take charge of their physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being to become the best possible version of themselves. 


I was not concerned with the "sexy" headline-grabbing stuff of "instant" body transformation, or using cool or fancy strategies just because I could. It wasn't enough to just tell people how to eat and show them how to train. My own experience has proven that willpower and knowledge are simply not very effective at creating substantial permanent habit change. 


When following the MM3 Health Process you will learn…

  • The smallest, gentlest intervention you can make that will have the biggest impact.

  • How to base your diet on real, fresh, natural, nutrient-dense foods that will help you look, feel, and perform at your best.

  • How to start planning your meals around a structured, yet flexible and simple Meal Plan Template.

    • NO counting calories, blocks, or points.

    • NO tracking macros.

    • NO food scales or measuring cups. 

  • The 7 Ways to Balance Blood Sugar and get off the "Blood Sugar Roller Coaster"

  • How to...

    • Make food choices that will improve your health and save the planet!

    • Read food lables and Nutrition Facts

    • Indulge your sweet tooth the healthy way

    • Navigate the grocery store

    • Transition from a Highly Processed to a Whole Foods Lifestyle

    • Transition to a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet (if you are interested in that)

    • Transition to a Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free Diet (if you are interested in that)

  • How to increase awareness of destructive habits, such as: overeating, eating too much of something and not enough of something else, life revolving around food, eating for fuel and function vs. emotional eating.

  • How to identify what your cues and triggers are that stimulate a particular food response (desired or detrimental).

  • How to cope better with and/or reduce biological/chemical stress (in the processes of your body).

  • How to develop a strong, positive mindset which will enable you to follow the program as it’s written.

  • How to change your relationship with and attitude towards food for good.

  • Learn and practice realistic and simple habits to build the essential skills that everyone needs to sustain good health, a lean and strong body, and athletic performance for life.


What you'll get

  • This is a DYI Program and does not include 1-on-1 Coaching with Tracey​. If you need more guidance, accountability, and individualized support, I recommend MM3 Coaching.

  • 12 weeks of Coaching Lessons 

    • You will receive easy-to-follow step-by-step tools to complete the 90-Day Program on your own.

    • Delivered 100% online via email Every lesson will be in direct support of a daily practice or habit that you are working on. Tiny, bite-sized nuggets.

  • Mindset tools

  • Coaching videos

  • Moxie Food Guide

  • Basic Moxie Meal Plan Template (A Custom Meal Plan Template is included with MM3 Coaching Only)

  • ...and MORE!

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