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Jenny - Pennington, NJ

LEFT PHOTO: June 14, 2020

RIGHT PHOTO: October14, 2020

"The “before” photo on the left was taken on June 14, 2020.  Besides not liking the way I looked physically, there was so much more to it than that.  I was also feeling fatigued constantly, lazy, unmotivated. Other than the short amount of time it took me to workout and maybe go for a walk, since I was teaching from home I was sedentary most of the day. I had no strength or stamina which made me miserable through the workouts I was doing.  I found it also spilled into other areas of my life - my house was unorganized (and had no desire to GET organized) I felt like I had no control over things, I was irritable and grumpy often, I needed a nap in the middle of the day, and even though I spent most of the day inactive, I couldn’t wait to go bed at night because I was so tired.  And then once I went to bed I couldn’t sleep.  Repeat.  


Back to the physical, looking at the before photo I feel like you’d never know I had been working out on my own consistently for years. (And for me that meant waking up at 3:45 am to get it in each day!)  I was working my butt off but felt like I had nothing to show for it.  Even though I know from experience that “You can’t out exercise a poor diet”, I still told myself that I could eat what I wanted because I was working  out 5-6 days a week.  Yet I was not seeing the results I wanted or expected to see from my workouts.  FInally, after being sick of the excuses I was making for myself, and after gaining weight during the quarantine (which I also told myself was ok because food gave me comfort, and “everyone gained weight during the quarantine”) and being sick of struggling through workouts every day I decided that something needed to change.  Since I was already doing the exercise, I knew that what needed to change was my diet.


In March 2020 I started training with Moxie.  Tracey was tough, but also very encouraging, motivating and held me accountable each and every time. I could tell by my improvement on Moxie’s benchmark workouts that my overall athletic performance - endurance, strength and stamina - was improving but I couldn’t help but wonder how much MORE I could improve if I could just get my eating back on track.  On June 14, with Tracey’s help I started becoming more aware of what I was eating, how often and how much.  I was afraid that I was going to have to weigh and measure all of my food or write down everything I ate but that wasn’t the case at all!  Tracey made it so easy!  There was no weighing, no measuring, no food log! (although I do take pictures of my meals and send them to her for accountability and feedback)  Some days were harder than others of course, but I never felt deprived, never felt hungry, I still have “cheat” meals on occasion and I look forward to them now since it is not an every day thing.  


I still feel like I have a way to go, but I am so happy with my results.  In the past 4 months I can honestly say that:

  • I have lost weight. (-8.4 lbs)

  • I have lost body fat.(-1.5% bf)

  • I have lost inches (6.8 total in.)

  • I feel more confident.

  • I have more energy.

  • I look forward to working out (even burpees  don’t suck as much as they used to!)

  • I have also added running to my workouts and am enjoying that again."

Chrissy - Hopewell, NJ
LEFT PHOTO: March 9, 2020. 144.2 lbs. Size 29 jeans.
RIGHT PHOTO: June 2, 2020. 141 lbs. Size 26 jeans.
"I've struggled losing weight. Going with diets that are too extreme and not being able to stick with it because I felt too deprived. Moxie is simple, easy to follow, and I don't feel restricted. It's allowed me to be consistent and that's added up to a complete transformation. All my friends have been noticing a huge change in my physique and I'm feeling way more confident in my appearance."
Here's What Other Clients Had to Say...

Tracey, I had a great moment today and I want to thank you for it. As you know, when we started working together I had concerns about my 6 yr old daughter seeing me diet. (I didn’t want her to think that eating less food is what being healthy is all about. I just wanted her to see me be strong and happy.)

Today while I was working at my desk, she walked over and started to write in my notebook. When I asked what she was writing, she told me she was writing down three things that make her happy. Since working with you, I have started a gratitude practice that entails starting my day by writing down three things I am grateful for. I had no idea she was watching me so closely, but I am thrilled that she has learned this from me! I did not know or understand the value of a gratitude practice until a few months ago. And now my 6 yr old daughter knows all about it too.

Thanks again..

Aly - Pennington

"Before I started with Moxie I was feeling unmotivated and not trying very hard when I began at home workouts during COVID. I chose Moxie because Tracey has always been a good motivator. I really enjoyed the Small Group live zoom classes. Got me back on track and definitely improved my physical and mental health. What surprised me most about the experience was that the online classes felt just like being there in person!"
Molly M - Pennington, NJ
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