Each class is 50-60 minutes. Limited to 5-7 people per class (except Zoom Classes). Reservations required in advance (including Drop-Ins).

1) Mindfulness  

  • Allows participants to merge awareness and physical exercise together as one (exercise should not be an out-of-body experience)

  • Allows participants to experience the present moment during their physical activity

  • Allows participants to pause before beginning the workout and bring awareness to their physical form, to slow down long enough to truly feel what's going on in their bodies

2) Warm up (General & Specific)

  • Increases the body's core temperature

  • Prepares the participants to handle the relative intensity of the workout

  • Allows the coach to correct movement mechanics needed in the workout

  • Allows the coach to assess capacity for scaling modifications

  • Offers skill development and refinement

3) Workout of the Day

  • Includes a description and demonstration of movements and range-of-motion standards

  • Includes modifications and scaling options that are appropriate for all participants in the class

  • Allows participants to reach their relative level of high intensity

  • Challenges each participant's current level of fitness

  • Includes corrections of movement mechanics under moderate- to high-intensity

4) Cool Down

  • Allows the heart and respiratory rate to slow and the client to regain mental acuity

  • Allows the client to record workout performance and track progress

  • Takes advantage of remaining time for accessory work ("finishers"), recovery practices, additional skill refinement, and/or education

  •  We do a different workout every single day. Our workouts focus on the mind as much as the body. The movements are varied and functional. This helps prevent boredom, but it also keeps your body guessing which keeps you from hitting a plateau.