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The Moxie 30-Day Kickstart is a 30-day “unofficial” challenge you can do on your own, anytime. This is YOUR Challenge so you may begin when you feel ready. The Kickstart focuses on what we like to call “High-Impact Fundamentals”. These are everyday skills that, if learned and practiced consistently, will make a significant difference to nearly all clients’ results.

No matter what your Outcome Goals are (what you want to accomplish), think about it in terms of:

  • What skills you need to learn, maintain, or improve to move towards that goal,

  • What practices will build that skill, and

  • What kind of small, repeated actions / behaviors support the practice(s).


Your goal will be to follow along with the Daily and Weekly Habits and Tasks. The Moxie 30-Day Kickstart focuses on simple habits to build the essential skills that everyone needs to sustain good health, a lean and strong body, and athletic performance for life.

The Daily Habits focus on

  • Healthy Fuel Habits (like eating the right amount of protein, veggies, “smart carbs”, and healthy fats)

  • Water intake / proper hydration

  • Getting enough quality sleep


The Weekly Habits focus on

  • Resistance Training Workouts - 3 Total Body Workouts per week

  • Cardiorespiratory Workouts 

  • Increasing daily activity (i.e. walking)



By tracking your habits and tasks every day / week, you will see how many days / weeks you’ve stayed on course with your new habits, which is a huge accomplishment in itself! You may choose to use the Moxie 30-Day Habit Tracker provided, or use your preferred habit tracker journal, app, etc.


  • Moxie Food Guide

  • Portion Control Guidelines

  • Moxie 30-Day Kickstart Habit Tracker

  • Access to the Private Moxie Members Facebook Group where you can ask questions (or post comments)

  • Success Tips

  • ...and MORE!



Whether you are looking to kickstart (or RE-start) your fitness journey or continuing on a solid path, this is your opportunity to nail down the basics and take control of your health, fitness, and well-being. The Moxie 30-Day Kickstart is about facilitating lasting transformation - helping people make positive changes in their lives that support well-being.

The Moxie 30-Day Kickstart goes far beyond the food. The practices of exercising and eating right have a lot more to do with action than they have to do with knowledge. You can know exactly how to train and / or what, how much, and when to eat to drop body fat, build muscle, and lower your cholesterol or control your blood sugars, but you will still fall short of your goals if you don't do / eat those things consistently.


Until you realize that inactivity and inconsistency are your biggest hurdles to change you cannot move on. One of the main lessons is this: Eating better and exercising isn't about what you know. And it's not about what you do occasionally. Real results come when you find strategies for repeating certain actions / behaviors consistently and reliably.


Each of us needs to find something that works for us, but that thing needs to be sustainable for a lifetime. The Moxie 30-Day Kickstart focuses on building sustainable fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that can be your foundation for taking control of your fitness year-round. 



This is not one of those over-the-top fitness challenges or super-strict elimination diets. Sometimes we want big results fast, and we imagine that means pushing ourselves as far and fast as we can go. But we often set ourselves up for failure that way.



It turns out the opposite is often more effective. Slow and steady, consistent follow-through is what gets results. Consistency is perhaps the most important factor in success. “Small hinges swing big doors”. Which means breaking down big goals into small, actionable steps - daily and weekly habits - so that a big goal becomes a workable plan of action.



I encourage you to join the private Moxie Membership Facebook Group, a page dedicated to creating an inclusive community for all active Moxie members. We use the page to share information, for our community to interact, ask and answer questions, provide feedback, and to encourage and support one another. Be sure to post in the MM Facebook Group to let others in the Moxie Community know you are following along!

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