• Do you have an unpredictable schedule and/or a limited amount of time and/or space to workout?

  • Are your clothes not fitting the way they used to?

  • Is your health suffering?

  • Or do you just not feel good about yourself and your body?

  • Have you tried several times on your own or with various programs and failed repeatedly?

  • Do you have the self-motivation to get to the gym, but get overwhelmed when you're there on your own?

  • Do you want an expert's guidance on workouts that will help you meet your goals, but you don't have the funds for an in-person trainer?  


If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions, then the Moxie 12-Week Virtual Fitness Challenge is for you! Minimal space and equipment are required. These workouts are designed to be done at home or in the gym. That way you can perform them whenever, wherever and you aren't locked into working out according to someone else's schedule. This is great for busy moms and students, anyone who has an unpredictable schedule, or anyone who is STUCK AT HOME for any reason. So you don't have to worry about being charged for last-minute cancellations.

What it is...

The Moxie 12-Week Online Fitness Challenge includes three different phases of training that systematically progress all clients through the three main adaptations of stabilization, strength, and power. Each phase includes THREE (3) resistance training workout videos (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and THREE (3) cardio workout videos (every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) per week for FOUR (4) weeks. Sunday will be a rest day. The three phases of training are:

  • PHASE 1 | CORE - The first phase of training - CORE - is designed to prepare the body for higher levels of training which may follow. It involves low-intensity, high-repetition resistance training programs, emphasizing core and joint stabilization. This phase focuses on core stability and endurance of all major muscles. 

  • PHASE 2 | TONE -  The second phase of training - TONE - is a hybrid form of training that promotes increased stabilization endurance, hypertrophy (muscle growth), and strength. This form of training entails the use of superset techniques and a higher volume of training. 

  • PHASE 3 | HYBRID - The third phase of training - HYBRID - utilizes undulating periodization which allows the client to train at various intensities during the week, eliciting multiple adaptations once a certain level of fitness is achieved. In the HYBRID phase, stabilization, strength, and power are all being trained together.  

What you'll get...

  • Exclusive access to 12 Weeks of Moxie Workout Videos available only on the 'Members Only 'section of our website - Three (3) Resistance Training Workout videos and three (3) HIIT/Cardio workout videos every week for 12 weeks. I'll be doing these workouts right along with you!

  • A detailed 12-Week Schedule - available only on the 'Members Only' section of our website

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What you'll need...

These workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home! Here is a list of the minimum suggested equipment (click on the links to find out where I purchased my equipment):

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